Control Pegasus Tablet Mobile NoteTakers in Linux desktop environments.

License: GPLv3+
Version: 0.8

M210 provides tools and an userspace device driver for Pegasus Tablet Mobile NoteTakers in Linux desktop environments. Tablet Mobile NoteTaker is a digital pen device with flash memory, rechargable battery and USB-connection.

An excerpt from manufacturer's product description:

The Tablet Mobile NoteTaker enables users to capture handwritten notes or drawings while you're away from the computer and conveniently save it into the unit’s flash memory.


  • Download notes from the device.
  • Delete notes stored in the device.
  • Display firmware version information.
  • Convert notes to SVG-images.

Download and install

To get the source code, fetch the source code release tarball from releases and unpack it.

Then building and installing M210 is just a matter of running:

make install


Alternatively, you can clone the git repository:

git clone https://github.com/tuomasjjrasanen/m210.git
cd m210

Then prepare the GNU Build System and build:

make install

For detailed build instructions, please refer to README and INSTALL in the root directory of the source code.


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