Control Pegasus Tablet Mobile NoteTakers in Linux desktop environments.

Picture of IRISNotes-branded M210 device.

M210 provides tools and an userspace device driver for Pegasus Tablet Mobile NoteTakers in Linux desktop environments. Tablet Mobile NoteTaker is a digital pen device with flash memory, rechargable battery and USB-connection.

An excerpt from manufacturer's product description:

The Tablet Mobile NoteTaker enables users to capture handwritten notes or drawings while you're away from the computer and conveniently save it into the unit’s flash memory.



Debian and Ubuntu

If you are using Debian or Ubuntu, by far the easiest way to install M210 is install it from a pre-compiled and packaged .deb-package. Each release is packaged in my private package archive (PPA). Add it to your package sources with the following command:

add-apt-repository ppa:tuomasjjrasanen/tjjr

And then install M210:

apt-get install m210


For other systems, the recommended way to install M210 is to compile it from the source code. To get the source code, you can either clone the development repository or fetch the latest release tarball. For detailed build instructions, please refer to README in the root directory of the source code.