Scraping Jyväskylä city council's meeting minutes

I wrote a simple report mining tool, Klupu, designed to extract and visualize data from meeting minutes of various governing bodies of city of Jyväskylä. Klupu is a Finnish word for flail; a tool used for separating grains from husks. Grains of knowledge, in this case.

Klupu can be seen in action at

The idea for this project came from the student union of the university of Jyväskylä (JYY) and it's newspaper, Jylkkäri. I read about the call-for-data-journalism-volunteers, made by the editor-in-chief, Jarno Liski in his blog post. One of the goals was to extract relevant information from the meeting minutes into a database and to find out how the decisions are made and by whom. (For example, how often decisions are based solely on proposals made by city officials?) In a bigger picture, the goal is to unite software developers and journalists for various data-journalistic purposes.

Following steps were taken to create the map:

  1. Fetch street addresses (in nominative case) from Itella's zipcode service.

  2. For each address, generate multiple grammatical cases with great decliner tool made by Joel Lehtonen.

  3. Search meeting minutes for addresses, taking into account all generated cases.

  4. Geocode all found addresses to coordinates.

  5. Glue all parts together into a JSON-file and visualize it with Google Maps JavaScript API v3.